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Help bring Faeries & Magical Creatures to fruition! Faeries is a mythical game where you will learn about and collect faeries from five unique folk.

Find faeries, plant gardens, build fairy homes, and be the first mortal to join the fairy realm.

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Faeries & Magical Creatures is a fun family-friendly, entry-level strategy game that plays in under 60 minutes.

Forge your own path to victory through a unique mix of deck building, tile laying, and area control. The unique mix of gameplay tactics is entertaining for both beginners and seasoned gamers.

Will you be the first mortal in the faerie realm?

Faeries & Magical Creatures Game Board and Cards
Coming to Kickstarter June 13


  • Ages 10+
  • 45 - 60 Minute Play Time
  • A fun, easy-to-learn game with many unique paths to victory
  • Great for beginners as well as experienced gamers
  • Features a unique mix of deck building, tile laying and area control
  • Highly interactive with all players making moves every turn
  • Features mythical and magical creatures
  • Artwork by world renowned artist: Annie Stegg Gerard
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Faeries & Magical Creatures will go live on Kickstarter on June 13.

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